Take a Timeout - Stress Technique

"Time Out" is for everyone: Women, men, and children. Somehow the idea of taking time to cherish yourself seems to be confined to women (who rarely do it), but children enjoy pampering and are the best meditators, and men are slowly getting the idea that it's all right to take care of your body and soul.

Budget time in the same way as you budget money. Thirty minutes can be spent on: A facial steam, a pack or scrub, a manicure or pedicure, a walk or swim, a meditation. One hour can be spent on: A deep facial, a hair treatment, a massage, a luxurious bath. Half a day, or even one whole day a month can be spent as follows: Do a deal with the family—if each person has a "Time Out" day each month or so, the rest of the family will relieve the family member of chores for this day. You will all feel more appreciative of each other and completely renewed after giving yourself this break. You might like to follow some or all of the following suggestions:

Sleep in as late as you want, have your favorite breakfast in bed, read a book, listen to some music, meditate.

Prepare what you need for a facial steam, and put it on to simmer. Prepare a hair rinse at the same time.

Heat the bathroom if it's cold, and collect everything you will need, including oils or mixtures for the bath, soap, two big fluffy towels, a book, incense.

Apply a pre-shampoo treatment to your hair.

Steam the face for 5-10 minutes, splash with cool water.

Make a face mask.

Begin to run the bath, adding anything you fancy.

Make your favorite drink, retire to the bathroom and shut the door.

Body-brush from head to foot, shower if you like, then climb into a hot bath.

Spend as long as you like sipping your drink, reading your book, or just enjoying the luxury of allowing yourself to do nothing.

When you are ready, you can spread the mask on your face and then begin to pay some attention to your hands and feet. Scrub the nails, push the softened cuticles back very gently with an orange stick, pumice any rough patches on soles or heels.

Time to leave the bath and wash the face mask off in the shower with lukewarm water. Wash your hair with one of the herbal shampoos and rinses and finishes.

Wrap your head in a towel, and dry your body. Massage some moisture lotion over your entire body and face.

Time for another drink, and maybe something to eat (my favorite is feta and avocado salad, and my husband's home-made bread).

Now brush your hair, file the nails on your hands and feet, and massage some hand cream into them.

This is the point where you should get dressed, then take the dogs for a walk, and call at the video store for a good movie, buy some chocolate to go with the movie—an end to a perfect day!

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