Mood Balancers


A mood balancer is a substance that balances behavioral alertness, agitation, or excitation.

How Mood Balancers Work

Mood balancers supply the cells and tissues with nutrients which are in short supply.  When the proper levels are reached, the body begins to function more effectively and is in greater balance.

However, the same can be said for the proper balance for a calm, optimistic and beneficial mood.

Not only can hormones cause mood swings and thus affect the way everyday life is perceived, people often tend to ingest items which contribute to a negative balance.  Such products can include (obviously) drugs, other unsafe chemicals, alcohol, caffeine, and last but not least, sugar. 

While sugar does give the brain a sudden burst of energy, a crash soon follows.  Natural and whole foods release nutrients slowly into the bloodstream, allowing the brain to continue to use those nutrients for several hours after a meal.

Certain stages in a person's life (such as menopause and adolescence) can also affect the chemicals in the body.

A proper diet, exercise and yoga can help to de-stress many individuals and aid in helping to balance their day-to-day moods.  While a physiological balance is important, some individuals find the right amounts of quiet and fulfilling activities to help.  The proper supplements supplied by a reputable vendor can also be very effective in maintaining a consistent and satisfying mood balance.

Depending on a cause, mood balancers are usually used in conjunction with nervines and hormone modulators amongst others. 



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Mood Balancers


Melatonin is a hormone which is produced by the pineal gland (a very small gland which resides within the brain). This gland controls an individual’s wake and sleep cycles as well as the body’s internal clock – better known as the circadian rhythm. The main function of melatonin is to help the person fall asleep. However, in today’s world there are several other claims being made for the use of melatonin, including blocking cancer, preventing jet lag, curing insomnia, improving one’s sex life and even retarding the aging process.


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